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InstaForex Company gives you the opportunity to work with 107 currency tools, 34 CFD contracts on American shares, as well as to handle GOLD transactions and also renders ECN-broker services. InstaForex provide competitive and effective spreads for each tool, in order to create comfortable conditions for our clients.
You can choose any leverage from 1:1 up to 1:1000 depending on the risk management strategy you use when trading. Should you be a long term trader who abides by conservatism when it comes to capital management, then a 1:100 leverage is for you. But if you are an aggressive type of daytime trader, then a 1:1000 leverage may become your irreplaceable profit tool.

InstaForex provides great opportunities for its clients. You don’t need a spread to work on the money market now! This gives new and professional traders even more possibilities! Trading without spreads makes the trading process easier to understand visually, and makes the use of technical analysis more effective for decision-making.
We do not increase the spread when news is released, that is why our traders can be perfectly sure that abrupt spikes will not cause them unstable profit.

InstaForex Company offers the most competitive swaps, refusing from the standard system of making profit with a spread against the client. Instaforex Company is the first one which introduces the EQUAL swap system with sell and buy deals. The swap-accrual in a BUY deal is always equal to the swap-accrual in a SELL deal.
The Swap-free account services are intended for traders who use trading systems that do not take into account the impact of swaps or those customers who can not use swaps owing to their religious beliefs. This determines the secondary name of this type of accounts: “Islamic accounts.” In transition to the swap-free system, all the remaining trading terms and conditions of Standard or Eurica-type accounts remain intact.

Instaforex Trading Servers

The system of InstaForex servers and data centres accounts for 8 trading servers and 50 data centres all over the world which ensure equal distribution of load among them. Such extensive network allows to render reliable and high-quality service to more than 500 000 clients from every corner of the world and to make trading process with InstaForex Company even more convenient. Regardless of the location, every trading server is functioning stably and accurately, bridging the gap of thousands kilometres from one server to another for 0.2 second. Any client of InstaForex Company opening a real trading account can choose the location of a trading server depending on his/her preferences and residence.
No matter where every new client of InstaForex Company is, he or she can select one of nine trading servers appealing to them, as each InstaForex trading server is a reliable controlling mean used to manage investments in the Internet, and the time difference of a server reaching the client from any part of the world does not exceed 0.2 seconds. Numerous consumers open several accounts on different servers, thus getting an opportunity to estimate the quality of their functioning in the process of trade.