Free No Deposit Bonus $10 from INSTAFOREX

Free Bonus InstaforexFree $10 No Deposit Bonus, which is organized by INSTAPIPS with the service support of Instaforex, is carried out with coupon system that is valid as long as the coupon is available.
You can get a $10 coupon WITH NO DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT.
The promo is actually offered for novice traders who want to try Instaforex trading service with real account.

The following are requirements for $10 Deposit Free Promo from Instaforex
1. To get a promo coupon, Instaforex Account must have an affiliate code: INSTASIGN (click here to open new Instaforex Account)
2. To get the promo coupon, the account has to meet Verification LEVEL 2. For more information, please refer to : Verify Instaforex Trading Account
3. For a fair coupon distribution to anyone, we only give 1 coupon for every name.

If your account has reached Verification LEVEL 2, please fill out the following form to get the free coupon of $10 Deposit from Instaforex.

When we finish verifying and approving your account, we will immediately activate the $10 bonus into your Instaforex account with your account login.

Please pay attention to the existing regulations related to the $10 Free Deposit from Instaforex
1. The $10 bonus deposit cannot be withdrawn; you can only withdraw the profits. The $10 bonus can be withdrawn according to the specification in point 3 below
2. It is not recommended to make a deposit into an account that has received a $10 bonus coupon, to avoid misunderstanding and confusion in calculating fund for withdrawal.
3. You can withdraw the $10 bonus when trading in the account has met certain lot number: 50 lots, without any withdrawal. When you have met the 50 lots, please send an email to [email protected] to claim the bonus for withdrawal.
4. Any account with a $10 bonus coupon cannot participate in rebate program.

Best Regards for profit

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