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EUR/USD Intraday Technical Levels for June 28, 2012

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Breakout BUY Level: 1.2531.

Strong Resistance: 1.2524.

Original Resistance: 1.2512.

Inner Sell Area: 1.2500.

Target Inner Area: 1.2470.

Inner Buy Area: 1.2440.

Original Support: 1.2428.

Strong Support: 1.2416.

Breakout SELL Level: 1.2409.



Today EUR/USD has support and resistance at 1.2428 and 1.2512 and is accompanied by strong support at 1.2416 and by 1.2524 as strong resistance.

If EUR/USD breaks out and closes below a 1.2409-level today, then this will indicate considerable bearish strength, while if EUR/USD manages to break out and close above a 1.2531-level, then this will denote high bullish strength. Alternatively, you can trade in a way to open a BUY position at the level of 1.2440, and at 1.2500– a SELL position, in this case both targets should be located at the level of 1.2470.


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